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"I started learning data science, machine learning stuff, just to create something like neural network for market analysis. When I found your website I was shocked and excited. Loved it all the way. It's like I was looking for these all the time and finally found it!"

- Sohail, Trader for 1.5 Years

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How It Works

Our algorithms have been extensively developed to incorporate breakthrough machine learning models into the trading market. Spanning the asset classes of stocks, foreign exchange and cryptocurrency, our alogrithms have a list of applications - from price pattern recognition to financial news analysis - to guide you with the most probable future movements.

Our Story

Large finacial instituations are increasingly incorporating machine learning into their trading strategies, but - for retail traders like us - the resources available are limited. We are bridging the competitive gap big firms have on traders - empowering you with the first set of forward-looking indicators.

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