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$6.5 Million Miami Mansion For Sale with Bitcoin
News Analysis

Written by Jordan Bodnar, 21.10.2017

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Bitcoin is finding its way into real estate with an astounding move by Millionaire investor Mike Komaransky. Listing his $6.5 million mansion for sale with bitcoin is a bold step in linking the cryptocurrency to real assets.

With one of the fastest growing real estate markets in the world Miami might be the city which paves the way for Bitcoin use in home purchase. Bitcoins decentralization premise accelerates the rate at which international investors - from China to Venezuela - are buying their piece of MIA.

Connecting the housing markets with the cryptocurrency is an interesting play potentially amplifying the volatility of real estate. We can see how quickly see how Bitcoins prices reverted to its mean from the recent high. Pattern recognition shows that the price is even expected to head further south over the next day before rising again to the $6000 range.

It will be interesting to see which asset has a greater effect on the other - will the real estate market stabilize Bitcoin or will Bitcoin increase the volatility of the real estate market?

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